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Drake Bell is bringing his new music directly to you - join him at to be a part of his dream album! Hey Everyone, Here's your door into my world and my music! I've started this FundAnything campaign to directly connect with all my fans and bring you some killer fan experiences. Most importantly, I'll be able to share my new music with you in cool and exciting ways. I've spent the past year creating an album I've always wanted to make and I was able to enlist one of my musical heroes, Brian Setzer, to Executive Produce it. Guys, this is my dream album, and I want YOU to be a part of it! In supporting this campaign, you'll help us create music videos plus an amazing tour where I'll share this music I love with you. To thank you for your contribution, I'm sharing some epic rewards with you! Things like appearing in the music videos, exclusive swag, private shows, shooting pool, plus enjoy a bunch of amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences! (Check out the list on the right side of this page for details!) Check back here often, as we'll be adding more awards and packages soon! And come along for the Ride. Drake Bell